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Career Highlights

Below are a few highlights from my career. 

Champions League

The opportunity to be a part of this was a once in a lifetime chance. As the marketing director of the company that took a cheerleading competition and put in on the big screen less than a week later, it was a thrilling and exciting challenge for myself and my team. I did all of the graphic design for the movie marketing and managed all of the marketing surrounding the movie and its promotion. The movie later became the #9 movie on iTunes and the #1 documentary.


Tickets were sold out in hundreds of theaters nationwide and in Canada and my artwork is now on iTunes. I had never been a part of a movie in any fashion before, to say I learned a lot would be an understatement. It was a new and exciting challenge and I am forever grateful the opportunity.

Nfinity Website

The Nfinity website was something inherited as the marketing director for Nfinity. I would make do with a sub par site for two plus years until I finally had the budget and blessing to make some changes. We hired a wonderful company to design the site, and a seperate company to code it. The CEO did not love the initial designs so I decided to take matters into my own hands. I used his feedback to design the site and come up with a unique functionality that he both approved and loved. 


The site has directly contributed to an increase in unique web visitors and in online sales for the company.

Nfinity Social Media

Nfinity is a major brand with three sports that have their own identity within the company. I juggled three sports and five platforms my entire time at Nfinity. Managing 11 different accounts is not easy and is a feat I am proud of. I had to keep the integrity of the brand but the identity of the sport in tact with each message, graphic, or response. 


The followers have grown by at least 10% weekly since my time at Nfinity.

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